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How To Buy The Right Hockey Skates For You

File:Ice Skates Pair BW 2112px.jpgIf you want to perform at your peak when playing hockey, selecting the right skates is key. In this article we’ll be giving you three key tips to ensure that you buy the perfect pair of hockey skates for you.
Beware Of Brand Differences Most brands cater to a specific foot type, so make sure you choose a brand that matches it. For example, Riedell iscurrently the only brand who offer entry level skates that cater to wide foot types.
Look At The Protection The Skate Offers Hockey is a high impact sport, so you need a skate that offers plenty of protection. The Bauer Nexus 1000 hockey skate is one of the best choices in this area and comes with an extra thick tongue, high quality ankle padding and a tendon guard.
Buy Based On Your Experience Level If you’re a recreational hockey player, then a lower priced skate is likely to be suitable. However, if you’re a highly experienced hockey player with hopes of playing for the Boston Bruins, you’ll want to spend a few hundred dollars on your hockey skates.