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How to Mold Ice Skates to Your Feet

When you get skates, they are manufactured to a typical shapes and size to match as many shopping for skatespeople’s feet as possible. Skaters can improve the fit by molding their skates to the form of their feet. This is done for a couple of factors – but mainly to create a snug fit which can minimize injury.  It needs to be stated however, that baking skates is something that is better reserved for superior quality skates.

Inexpensive skates which cost a little less are made from plastics which are most likely to tear when warmed.  Better skates are priced much more, but are often made from expensive materials like Kevlar as well as leather making them stronger, lighter and also better at taking in impacts.

Warning:  if you’re uncertain concerning the best ways to bake skates, even after reviewing this, do take them to your local skate store to have them done professionally.

How to Heat Mold Ice Skates

  1. Pre-heat your stove to around 180F (80C).
  2. While the oven heats, loosen up the shoelaces on your skates and remove the insoles.
  3. When the temperature has been reached, turn off your oven.
  4. Place a silicone baking sheet on a rack in the oven and place your skates on top of it.
  5. Leave you skates in the cooling oven for 5-10 mins, up until they are flexible and also easier to bend.
  6. Make sure not to let them cool too much!
  7. Remove your skates carefully from the oven and also change the insoles
  8. Place your feet in the skates, with your heel strongly in the heel of the boots.
  9. Very carefully lace up your skates by pulling the shoelaces out side-ways to stay clear of placing stress on the eyelets.
  10. At the very same time, mold the skate to the shape of your feet.  Leave you feet in your skates to cool for at least 15 minutes.
  11. When the skates have cooled down, unlace them, and remove your feet.
  12. Set your skates aside for a more 24 hrs to guarantee they are fully cooled before using them

Three Top Tips For Selecting The Best Ice Skates

File:Figure-skates-1.jpgIce skating is a fun sport and a good pair of skates can greatly enhance the enjoyment you get from it. This article provides you with three top tips for choosing the best ice skates.

Choose Blades That Match Your Needs There are specific blades available for dance, freestyle, hockey and more. For the best experience, choose a blade that matches what you’ll be doing on the ice.

Ask Your Skating Coach If you have a coach, they’ll be able to give you lots of personalized buying tips and even recommend specific brands for you. This will save you lots of times when you buy your ice skates and allow you to quickly narrow down your search.

Consider Buying Online By buying skates online, you can save lots of money and ensure that you get the best price on your ice skates. However, if you’re going to buy online, consider trying the skates on in a store first. Doing this will allow you to test the comfort and fit of the skates before parting with your cash.

How To Buy The Right Hockey Skates For You

File:Ice Skates Pair BW 2112px.jpgIf you want to perform at your peak when playing hockey, selecting the right skates is key. In this article we’ll be giving you three key tips to ensure that you buy the perfect pair of hockey skates for you.
Beware Of Brand Differences Most brands cater to a specific foot type, so make sure you choose a brand that matches it. For example, Riedell iscurrently the only brand who offer entry level skates that cater to wide foot types.
Look At The Protection The Skate Offers Hockey is a high impact sport, so you need a skate that offers plenty of protection. The Bauer Nexus 1000 hockey skate is one of the best choices in this area and comes with an extra thick tongue, high quality ankle padding and a tendon guard.
Buy Based On Your Experience Level If you’re a recreational hockey player, then a lower priced skate is likely to be suitable. However, if you’re a highly experienced hockey player with hopes of playing for the Boston Bruins, you’ll want to spend a few hundred dollars on your hockey skates.

How To Choose The Perfect Figure Skates

File:Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Lift - 2006 Skate Canada.jpgWhen buying figure skates, it’s important that you choose a pair that’s right for you. This article will provide you with some top tips for choosing the perfect figure skates.

Buy From A Specialist Store If you’re serious about figure skating, then it is important that you buy your skates from a store that specializes in the sport and take advantage of the expert knowledge of the staff. Department stores or general sporting goods stores usually stock cheaper models which don’t have the durability or functionality of specialist figure skates.

Choose Tight Fitting Figure Skates  When you try on the skates, it’s important that they tightly fit your foot. There should be no extra room in the skate and your heel should be held firmly in place.

Check The Ankle Support  Figure skating involves lots of moves that place pressure on the ankle. Make sure that when you wear the figure skates, your ankle feels stable and secure.